Damage area and telegraphs

Damage telegraphs and damage area fail to match up. Whether it is a melee attack from across the screen or the Emperor of Corpses’s breath weapon not originating from its mouth the results are consistently frustrating.

Dying from what should be avoidable damage because my screen is lying to me is what currently frustrates me the most about this game.

Came here to give feedback on area dmg, seems like the perfect place to add mine!

→ As a melee character (shaman) pretty much the only thing that kills me is area-dmg on the ground that is hard to see.
Example: in snow maps sometimes the objective is to kill spires that continuously shoot ice at your position. On the white-blue ground appear two light-blue circles and if you don’t move out you’re pretty much dead. It’s hard to see because of the colors if nothing is going on and easy to dodge, but as soon as combat is happening you don’t see the circles anymore.
(On the side: those shots, also the other element ones, often do more dmg than anything else in the maps, not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be)

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