Dagger built?

In other games, rouges can get bonuses for using daggers. But in LE I do not see a real reason to use them instead of swords. Did I not see anything ? It really would be nice, to give daggers some meaning. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The generally have a higher attack speed and always give crit bonus. There are skills which requires a dagger to be equiped.

I did see the skills, I think. But they seem to work with swords also. So it’s only the speed?

Everything you just stated is incorrect :smiley:

Daggers are slower than swords and there is no skill that requires daggers. Some Rogue skills require dual wielding, not daggers.

@Chipps_QB All daggers have unconditional flat base crit (meaning for all kinds of skills, like Spells, Throwing, Melee etc), which is incredibly powerful. Especially for skills that do not have any flat base crit in their skill spec tree.


Just got 2 Adinai’s Poignard … permanent dusk shroud :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There is one node in shadow daggers that only works with daggers but i forget the na.e of it

You mean Umbral Blades & it requires having 1 dagger equipped to give shadow daggers procs.

@Heavy I think he meant the node in Umbral Blades for Shadow Dagger stacks. And not to be pedantic, but the Kris doesn’t give flat crit chance.