Cyclone of war Node Question: (Warpath)

My tool tip dps for Warpath with “Flaming slaying flayers argent sceptre of conflagration and stillness” (21 melee fire, 5% crit, 43% ignite 57% stun- Implicits: 50 melee 53 spell 71% DOT)
+1 “Eye of Reen” in my off hand is:


With 2 “Eye of Reens” its:


The Question: is the 100% fire pen for sceptres (and the extra +71% DOT) Worth that a 2,000 drop in tool tip dps?


If you have no other source of shred or penetration, 100% pen is equivalent to 100% more damage (ie, yes).

If you just have shred cap, then its about 83% more damage (as mobs would go from -20% resist to -120% resist).

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