Cycle revolution

We have two sides of the community fighting over whether it’s better to play cycle or legacy.

I’ve found a solution for both sides.

Why on earth don’t you just rework the cycle system to work like the World of Warcraft datadisks ?
No, I don’t mean that as a joke.
Just like in WoW, each new cycle would drop the stats of items a character already has and they wouldn’t have to be moved to legacy if one didn’t want to. Thus, the same character would remain.
It would just be at the same power level as lvl 1 and reset the “talent” tree.

Players who still wanted to move the character to legacy could. Nothing would be reset there.

Thus, players playing in cycle would not have to lose characters or gear they have picked up if they have any attachment and memories to it.

It would just need to be calculated correctly.
It would be all the more fun to play with a character reduced to lvl one strength at the moment if players had some effects on their gear that would provide an interesting start to the cycle.

  • It will be easy to make because we already have lot of items on different lot of value of levels…just make for every item variant for lvl 1. And this will be used everytime cycle will reset instead of maxed gear people will have on end of season