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Customize Minion AI

I would like a customizable minion AI.
My Idea is to make it work like the loot filter does. You put in orders and you can arrange them in a priorities list.

For example there could be things like:

  • target enemy closest to player first
  • target enemy closest to minion first
  • walk towards player when distance to player is larger than x, until distance is less than y
  • target the enemy with the highest maximum HP in a x meter Radius
  • target boss or rare mobs first
  • attack enemies that did attack the player previously (until that enemy is dead, to avoid them switching like crazy)
  • do not attack (you can put this order below the previous one to have the minions attack ONLY enemies that attacked the player before and remain passive otherwise)

As an added layer of customizability I would love to be able to have different AI setups - just like the loot filter can have different loot filters saved - and then be able to individually set a setup for each minion skill. For example I have skelettons that stay close to me and only retaliate and an abomination that aggressively chases around at the same time.

I realise that customizing an AI that way is not for every player. But that is not a problem, as one could implement default setups. If you (for example) right click a minion skill the game gives you a drop down menue with default options and a ‘customize yourself’ option.
Default options could be:

  • Normal (what we have now)
  • Bodyguard (stays in a closer distance to you and prioritizes enemies that attack you)
  • Berserker (just attacks whatever is closest to it and can go a larger distance away from the player)
  • VIP Hunter (Targets Bosses and rare mobs first, otherwise just goes on whichever mob has the most max HP)

Thank you for youre time.

Welcome to the forums…

Yip… you and almost everyone who runs any minion builds…

Two sides to this issue… if the ai was intuitive / good enough, we wouldnt need such fine grained control, but its not, right now so everyone wants similar to your suggestions. Or at the very least default options to prevent Skellies from running off screen to kill mobs when your player char is being attacked…

The devs are aware of this issue and have attempted to make updates to the minion AI - they tested improvements on the Wolf summon a while ago but their priorities have shifted since so they havent really addressed the issue any further or given anyone any indication if they are considering a finer more player controllable AI…