Customize/Adjust Mouse Pointer

The title says it all. The cursor could definitely stand out a bit more to me in contrast to the rest of what’s going on. Once mobs start filling the screen and things get flashy, I find myself waving it around trying to find my place again at crucial times.

Adjustments to size, colour, contrast, etc. would all be a very nice touch.

I started to notice this in particular when I’m trying to lay down dark shackles with life drain, and given its extremely tiny hit box, I’m missing my main target more often than is reasonable. As a channel skill, it is really easy to move around and see, but Dark Shackles needs another node to increase AoE size or an idol that does to compensate.


I agree! It would be great to have the option to enable a higher visibility cursor and mouseclick-animation.

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I also agree. Being able to edit the mouse cursor would make the game more enjoyable.

i haven’t set it up to work with last epoch yet, so not 100% sure it’s supported, but yolomouse does exactly what you’re saying about increasing cursor visibility. it’s fairly customizable with a range of cursor sizes, shapes and colors, so it might be what you’re looking for. i use it for poe and it is very helpful.

edit: just checked and it works :slight_smile:


Until I realized that pushing in on the right thumbstick on the controller reset the cursor to the middle of the screen I was losing track of it all the time. Glad to hear I’m not the only one. :smile:

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