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Custom controller bindings reset when starting the game without a controller plugged-in

Steps to reproduce on 0.8.2I:
1 - Run the game with no controller plugged-in/on.
2 - Get into a character.
3 - Plug in/turn on a controller.
4 - Set custom action binding for “Use Portal” to Right Stick Button, confirming the replacement of current assignment (I don’t know which one it is, as I didn’t see which one it is - might be another bug since I’m using the defaults otherwise).
5 - Exit to desktop.
6 - Unplug the controller.
7 - Repeat 1.
8 - Repeat 2.
9 - Repeat 3.

Right Mouse Button uses portal.

Right Mouse Button does nothing.

This is probably related to the other similar bug reports.

I think the devs have confirmed some.

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