CTD's, Disconnects and AFK Timer Kicks - v0.9.1b

Logged into my Multiplayer Character last night/early this morning. Not even 30 seconds in and I ‘Lost Connection to the Server’. Attempted about 4-5 reconnects and was immediately dropped before even getting into the game.

During the disconnect the game did a Full CTD. Gave up and went back to bed.

Mid morning/afternoon, I log in and was able to get on my character. I was not afk at all. I was actually in my inventory trading items into my stash and adjust my skill tree (actually adding in 2 points to a skill tree). It couldnt have been more than maybe 2 minutes tops and the new AFK system kicked me for being idle too long.

I was able to log back in and complete 2 Monoliths and also confirmed a previous bug plaguing my character (no pun intended as it was related to Aura of Decay) was squashed, allowing my character to finally survive like it used to prior to 0.9i.

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