Crystal reward after echo unable to be opened

After completing an echo and teleporting to the reward area, the crystal containing the rewards is unopenable approximately 60% of the time. The generic reward chest always works but the echo specific reward crystal is unable to be interacted with.

This is extremely frustrating, especially in echoes targeted for specific rewards.


Same here.

seems that they fixed it in the hotfix released today. YAY!

Still getting this issue as of today at 7pm PST. It is sporadic, but maybe one in every 15-20 echoes I am unable to open the reward. And no it’s not because I died. It is there, just unopenable.

Still happening. Very inconsistent as SparkyYo stated above

I have had the first echo where I wasn’t able to get the rewards, here are my player.log files.
Player.log (5.8 MB)

I saw some slowdown while spamming minions on my necromancer, hadn’t noticed this before. When I went to teleport out of the rift, I wasn’t able to click the rewards.

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