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Cryomancer Build?

Has anyone played around with the Cryomancers? That unique amulet buffing cold minion damage looks tasty. I am thinking of running them with something, not sure yet.

the last time ziggyd played LE on stream he did a minion build and ended up going for cold-focused skeleton archers and mages, using the formosus amulet. he was consistently getting freezes on monolith bosses so it seemed very strong. i tried a similar build but never got it far enough into mono to get the amulet, but it was still quite good.

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Yes, i did and it ass kicking build if you like pets :slight_smile:
Look here.

I think Death Rattle is probably the best minion amulet right now, because you can pair it with dread shade to get free double damage on your minions.

Nvm reach of the grave is additive, but it has 10% lifesteal on all of your minions, making them survive alot better.