Crowstorm viable?

Hello, anyone knows off a viable crowstorm build? I’m currently running it with Frenzy Totem to cast Eterras blessing, the blessing itself resets crowstorm cooldown, and swipe to also cast Crowstorm.

I’m running as beastmaster with 1 big crow currently, and I have about 800-1000% increased lightning damage on my crow, but the damage is still low, and my own survivabilty is also lacking. The crow itself is pretty beefy.

I think the teleport on crowstorm cast combined with constant cooldown reset is the coolest playstyle in this game, that’s why I’m looking for a build that really spams this ability.

I used to run with 6 crows, but then they would just die to much, and it wasn’t worth the hassle in my opinion. One big crow is easy to keep up with swipe and blessing.

If you want crowstorm to be your main ability you kinda need to run with multiple small crows.
Crowstorm gets 50% more damage per contributing crow, that is massive.

If crows dying to much there are several ways to keep them alive.

Two things which I really like are Maelstrom with Healing/sec and Warcry giving bursts of healing. But there are many more possibel ways to keep them alive.

Another good item, in case you don’t already use that is Raven’s Rise, That gives 2 additional skill points to the Crows, whic his incredibly useful because crows are very point hungry.
Also they take less damage while moving, which happens a lot.

Crowstorm behind Swipe was a cool addition, but the gameplay is too janky.

There is also barely any flat damage support for the crows.

6 crows = 100% base damage, plus 50% per crow, for total of 400% total damage the additional damage per crow is additive

1 crow = Artors loyalty and natural bond for 1.85 * 1.75, but you also get 50%, a single crow still adds to crow storm damage. 1.85 * 1.75 * 1.5 = 485% total damage

if we take into account the skill tree for crows, then stacking crows are able to spend some extra points to turn their bonus into 80% per crow, for a total of 100% baseline + 6 * 80% = 580% total damage. (This can be even higher thanks to the damage per crow node, but you need like +5 or something silly to get this. you need rise and lp artors etc)

Tbh after having tried to minmax the build a bit, for crowstorm crows, funny enough 1 crow beastmaster is better. Swipe fully heals your closest minion when you use it. A single crow requires 0 investment to keep alive. As soon as you swipe you heal it to full.

For multi crow BM to even compare you need 6 crows AND probably an LP artors so you can get crow flat damage on it. and now your crows die left and right. And of course getting 6 crows requires the wolf spec trick which has been stated iirc as a bug and its unintended to give you global companions so I assume it will be fixed eventually, leading to 5 crows.
tldr; max crows is only stronger at the apex of gearing, and not by much.

Either way the build just does not have the same oomph as swipe scorpion or swipe sabertooth because crows and subsequently crowstorm are just weak.

As for tips to make the build better.

You need flat damage for crows, its why druid is actually a viable choice. But beast master can get 15 from leap, and you can get another 10 from julras gloves. And then last and probably the most annoying to get will be the flat from rare affixes “Adaptive spell damage for storm crows” if you stack all of that it should be more then playable into empowereds. it wont farm 300+ corruption, but if you enjoy the playstyle it should be fine up to 300 if a bit slow cause you are still bound by cooldowns.


Hmm… this gives me a terrible idea. Shapeshifter Crowstorm druid with werebear form, swarmblade form(proc crowstorm on swarm strike), swipe, fury leap, Crows.

Minion damage scaling swarm strike and maybe cold crowstrike solo crow. Could even use the new Apogee unique.

My build was Werebear/Crow/Entangling/Leap/Swipe.

You maul, creating roots which provide massive flat damage to your crows.

Maul also counts as leap so gives you access to another 15 flat spell damage and tons of %minion damage thanks to werebear. then you spam swipe to cast crow storms.

However maul/leap combo was broken when I tested and I think still might be causing you to not get vines or get the minion stuff.

But if it ever gets working, you get 40 from entangling, 15 from maul, and 40 from druid passive tree. You also get access to a few sources of flat phys too if you choose to go generic minion damage scaling 10 from roots and up to 10 iirc from druid.


Thanks for all the feedback! Some interesting ideas here for sure :slight_smile: