Crow master build (no melee)

I am looking for suggestions to improve my crowmaster build :

(level 82 so far so I do miss some points)

I could use an offensive spell like tornado to pro hunter’s restoration bonus, but so far I do not think it would be better than this build (I would have to take off some passive points from minion health or from minion damage)

I would be interested in trying “power claw” but with this setup, it already drains my mana too fats with 1 point, (many crow and cast speed)

So anyone with some ideas ? :slight_smile:

I completely forgot to respond to this when it first popped up.

I’m actually doing something ‘somewhat similar’ based on skills and stuff

we’ve specced things differently but surpisngly it looks like we arrived at a very similar playstyle.

Mine is using Storm Totems as main damage with Maelstrom and Crows to support.

Shaman, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.5f) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Looking at your sheet, how’re your crows staying alive? They’re listed to have really low Minion Health added on the minion tab. I use my eterra blessing to heal them and my totem and it keeps them alive through roughly 200 corruption.

I have as much as minion damage + minion health items as I can + T5 minion regen
I had little problem to keep them alive so far but I am starting to have problem (I am lvl 84 and doing 90 timelines without corruption so far ). I might have to rethink some points/gear…