please hear me, make crossbows in the game


Please hear us, add crossbows to the game.

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Please hear them, I like x-bows too.

If crossbow is considered, primitive firearm should also be taken into consideration.

Crossbow/Gun weapon class would be nice.

However if this does ever get implemented, it won’t happen at 1.0 I believe. Probably expansion.

Not sure what the logic is there, the crossbow was invented more than 1,000 years before even the simplest firearm.

In a world where you have magic fireball and bean shooting out of a wand, it’s logical to develop firearm weapons that utilize magical power with magical enchanted bullets? Then in the story we have timelines that are 1200 years apart, that should give people in those worlds more than enough time to develop much more advanced weapons than crossbows.

While I would not say it “needs” to happen, I would very much like to see some of the first iterations of handheld firems in LE.

I don’t need to be super crazy advanced, but some Flintlock Rifles or Pistols would fit into the Imperial Timeline somewhat.

In the Imperial Era, we already have cannons on the dreadnought.
While non-hand-held firearms like cannons where there before hand-held it wouldn’t totally break the immersion of the world to introduce those.

After the Imperial Era the Void took over and probably stopped all civilisation and technology advancements, so the technology would not go much further then some very primitive fireams, but that’s ok.
Maybe bring in some necrotic/void infused ones for high endgame bases or uniques to give them some cool “magical flavour”.

If they would implement both crossbows and/or firearms, the question is: What would be the distinction?
Bows = Fast, low per hit damage
Crossbows = Slow, Medium hit damage
Firearms = Very slow, high per hit damage?

Also they would need to create new animations AND sounds.
So if they decide to do this, this iwll probably come after 1.0

:laughing: Fair enough.

Fully agreed!

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