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Hello everyone, I really want to use a crossbow! do you agree with me? Are you planning to add this type of weapon to the game? thank you more for your answer… :smiley:

Totally agreed.

To accompany that, we would need some more rogue skills, that cater towards slower heavier hits.

The only skill, that i can think of, that currently would fit a slow hard hitting playstyle would be channeled puncture.

Also since we have some different eras going, i would also like to see some firearms. Like Flintlock and Frontloader Rifles and Pistols.

As long as you can also get a Vickers Machine Gun as a unique (or some other steampunk multibarrelled gun)…

Why is everybody making fun of those very early firearm ideas?

We have Era’s in LE already, where such weapons existed!

I’d also love to see something added for the Rogue and enhanced stealth as we normally think of rogues. I think that would be cool, and very thematic.

I like the idea of crossbows but I don’t really know if they are needed right now. Marksmen seems pretty rounded between bow and quiver options. I would hate the devs to just throw it in without a real need for it as a mechanic alternative.

Add in crossbows and just give them all a passive, unique stat which zooms your camera out by 25-50%, allowing for better far-ranged snipe shots. :^)

I would legit love that, I’ve always found sniper fantasies fun, but uh, it’s probably very unfeasible lmao.

They could also do the opposite and zoom 100% in so you could snipe in 1st person view :grin:

I’d like to see some variety, too. Crossbow would be nice. Higher damage with slower rate of fire.

It wont need any mechanical changes. There are also no mechanical differences between Swords and Axes or Hammers. Why should there be some with Crossbow and Bow?

But the first change I’m keen to see is that quivers at least get visible on the character model.

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Only if we get Van Helsing style crossbows ones with large clips of arrows with rapid firing XD

That would work well for some skills (Detonating Arrow & Multishot) that don’t have a max range but not others (Puncture) that do have a max range.

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Like Longbows then?

Yes there is a difference. Swords are high attack speed flat physical damage. Axes are slower, implicit are around bleed, elemental damage flat damage and crit. They are thematically different and both have a niche/choose to be used in different situations. My comment was more of a question if marksmen really needs another weapon choice because i wouldn’t want them to force another niche where there is no place for it. Bows already fill kinda every role right now because of how diverse the implicit range is what is really thematically needed that they don’t have the ability to build around?

Exactly. Thematically. Just because they have different implicit stats doesn’t make them mechanically different. They are melee weapons and behave like that. And different weapon types also share implicit stats.

Bow is a ranged weapon. There could be other categories of ranged weapons to have a bit of variety. Currently playing ranged Rogue is like playing Sentinel and being tied to use one handed swords only.

what does they actually need was my question. Yes you can give them x amount of new weapons but they also should have a place in the design. Bows imo are the most diverse out of all the weapon items with already interesting implicits.