Critical Vulnerability

So, how exactly does that work?

Does the enemy add +2% chance to my crit and that’s it, or do I get +2% crit chance added to my own base chance when I attack the monster with it and therefore my “increased crit chance” actually increases it?

Critical Vulnerability Ailment (

This doesn’t really answer me. It just shows what I already don’t know how it works precisely.

What I want to know is if that +2% is added to my own against it, or exclusive to the affected enemy without care for my own stats. In one case it’s beyond broken, in the other it’s meh.

One stack is meh, but 10 stacks is not meh! You’d need to be able to stack it quickly to get to the maximum of 10 stacks. It’s added to your base crit chance against the enemy with all the vulnerability stacks on them. It used to be 5% a stack but was brought down to 2% a stack.

It’s actually added to my base crit chance?

So when I hit an enemy on 10 stacks, I get (5+20)*Increased Crit Chance?

If that’s the case, the stat is as busted as I expected.

As long as you can stack it, and you have lots of crit multiplier, it’s pretty strong.

Hmm I’m curious now and would like to know the answer to OP question also.

Going from the last answer Rocdog gave me, I decided to go and try the build. Marksman reaches 200% Increased Critical Chance very easily, so it’s gonna be easy to test if I’m criting every single attack with 10 stacks.

Worst case scenario, I just leave the answer here that it doesn’t actually sums up with your own base chance. Fingers crossed.

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Lets say you have:
5% base crit chance
100% increased crit chance on gear/passives
10 Crit Vuln stacks on enemy (20%)

For that enemy with 10 stacks you have 30% crit chance. Your base crit chance is 10%.

That’s how I assumed it works, and mostly why I think it’s meh.

Has it been tested and confirmed? I haven’t really gotten a conclusive answer yet. (And I haven’t reached the point where I can test yet, although I got close before sleeping yesterday.)

Unfortunately, it works like @TriKster said. I’m playing Detonating Arrow with 10 points Wound Maker and 5 on Weak Spot, and I’m applying 10 stacks of Crit Vuln as easily as I can get. I’m currently sitting on a 12% Base Crit Detonating Arrow + 10% Base Crit from Smoke Bomb and over 300% Increased Critical Chance. On 6 stacks I should be Crits only, and at 10 I’m still seeing white numbers popping up.

Formula goes (Your Base Crit Chance * Your Increased Critical Chance) + However Many Stacks of Crit Vuln the Enemy Has; no doubt about it.

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