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Critical strike chance not scaling with caracter interface


When I upgrade my critical strike chance (with masteries or stuff) i can’t see the percentage that evolve in se the same time in the caracter interface (i’m stuck at 7% by exemple even i have + 40% critical strike chance with masteries).

+40% critical strike chance is different than 40% increased critical strike chance (which is a bit confusing, I know). Are you sure it was the first one?

Also, that chance listed in the character sheet is your default chance, if the improvements to critical strike chance you have are conditional (like it only applies to some skills), it won’t show up there.

Hmm I will have to check my situation cause I kinda have the same thing happening but with jewelry… it says increase critical strike chance but dosent show anything differnt in the tooltip

I have a silver amulet which says “9% increased critical strike chance” which does update anything on my character sheet. So I’m a bit confused what it actually is for.

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