Critical Strike Chance issue?

I am not sure if this is a bug but I can not find an explanation for it. I have the Prism Wraps body armour which gives 30% increased critical strike chance and I also have an amulet that has 18% increased critical strike chance but on my character stats it says I have 10%. Shouldnt it be 48% or how is it calculated?


When thinking of critical strike chance, remember your adding a percentage to your base crit. Therefore 48% cirt chance, would be 48% of your base crit percentage. If it’s at 15% before adding the item. It would be 48% of 15% base crit. So technically your only adding 6.5% to your 15% base crit for a total of 21.5%. Hopefully that makes sense. Or is even right…:stuck_out_tongue:

As Mistawha says, % increased crit chance increases your base chance (of 5% from memory), so that’s 48% of 5% which would be an additional 2.4%. Generally speaking, if a crit chance increase is a “large” number then it’s as described, only small numbers (1% or so) are added to your base crit chance.

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