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Critical Strike Chance (earings + rings)


The bug is critical strike chance does NOT change when i equip different sets of rings/necks - often much better and higher stats - but they do not change my current percent. Unregistered… like it should go from 8% to crit 10% but instead just stays at 8 even though the new ring or neck is way better and has more crit on it.

Armor works fine when you find something with higher crit chance, but on the rings it dosent change or update on menu.

I play a beastmaster - I also can summon more than one of each pet - the Bear and Tiger - even though the skills says I can have 2 of them naturally without any extra skills… im working my way towards be able to get (Increase summon limit for pets) I hope it isnt wasted.

Other than that… the game looks a million times better than it did the last 6 months. It also runs alot smoother. Im glad u guys are active and focused on community feedback. we all notice for the most part.

Thanks in advance - players and Devs

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