Critical strike avoidance

Let’s resume in “critical hits kills you”.
That’s it.

that’s the same as normal hit

so just thought of another question

if you have 100% crit avoidance, this means you won’t be crit. So I suppose that also means that a stat like % reduced bonus damage from critical strikes has no effect?

Avoidance at 30% means that you convert 30% of critical hits to regular hits.
Less dmg taken from crits at 30% means that critical strike multiplier of every critical hit is multiplied by 0.7.
So at 100% they are both equal - turning critical hit into regular hit.


is the stat Reduced Bonus Damage Taken from Critical Strikes shown anywhere on the character stats screen? I couldnt find it. However, Critical Strike Avoidance is actually shown in the Defense tab.

No, it isn’t. It’s a fairly recently added ‘general stat’ (it used to be relegated to just one pair of boots and two-hand wpns).

That said, EHG has indicated they intend to do a big overhaul on the character sheet info (that did a design overhaul for 1.0) and hopefully that will be forth coming soon.


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