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Critical strike avoidance importance

Personal opinion after 10 alts. I don’t like how 100% critical strike avoidance or T5 less dmg from crit is required for all builds in end game. No idea on how to improve it.

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It really is not mandatory.

If you don’t have it, you should definitely avoid getting +x base crit PLUS %inc. crit on monolith, but other than that having enough other defense layer can work fine.

Incoming damge will sometiems be spikey, but I play a lot of chars successfully to 200-300 corruption without any CSA or less damage taken from crit


Any build example for inspiration? I still think that not maxing those stat is majorly gimping the defense of 90%~ of builds. Enemy still have 5% base chance and if unlucky happens on big hits (arjani/meteorite). No idea if some enemy have higher crit than base but I suspect so. There are also times when there is no choice but taking those increased crit mono.

Just to be clear, I don’t say that it’s unnecessary to have 100% CSA, I just think it’s not mandatory, if you don’t wanna push Arena Leader boards and get 300+ corruption.

I will not give any build example, because this is not really build dependant.

If all of your other defenses are good, you will be fine.

There is always a choice. Avoiding them will lead to detours and very inefficient routes, but you will never be forced into it.

One thing I do is, I’ll weapon swap a 2h for less crit DMG for those modifiers.

I only have 105% crit strike avoidance on my Bow Mage Marksman who otherwise would be too squishy. Apart from that it isnt 100% necessary on all chars. If it fits into my build I ll take it of course but despite that I havent made any extremely negative experiences from not having a high percentage of it.

I had 0% crit avoidance on my bleed bladedancer till I cleared 3-4 empowered Reign of Dragon timelines and got the crit avoid blessing (char lvl around 90). I think it is not necessary if you just avoid the flat crit monolith mod (I did take % increased crit echoes) and just be careful around high crit monsters. I was also dodge based so that probably helped quite a bit too.

My usual go to is get one mod of 30%+ crit avoid on gear/passives and then farm dragon for crit avoid blessing so I don’t worry about that again.

Also unless your build absolutely needs a mod on chest you can use the flesh chest dropping from abomination till you cap crit avoid.

Yeah agree, usually my chars have around 30% Crit Avoidance if I dont invest in it heavily.