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Critical Strike Avoidance - change for less damage taken

Im new to the game, and I have already read old locked topics. I would like to bring back to the table this subject, I know its polemic and as much as I am new to the game I think I have a fair opinion.
Main problem (described previously by other players, I’ll quote 2 of them:

“Crit avoidance is an all or nothing effect, crits in this game are huge (2x damage), and going with 90% avoidance will not guarantee you will not get one-shotted”.

“In LE, Crit Avoid is an “all or nothing” stat. I call it a “Binary Stat”. Either you have it, or you don’t. Crit Avoid in LE is currently reminiscent of the various layered binary defenses of Path of Exile, which feels like a step in the wrong direction.”

The alternative is that all Crit Avoid in LE is replaced with “Reduced bonus dmg taken from crits.” A player can have 90% RBDtfCrits in their build, feel rewarded for that, and also still want more. This is in stark contrast to the current system.

I know devs said its not mandatory for playing, but I think its annoying and very punishing for anyone not going the 100%. Im getting one shot with my blademaster at arena level 90. NO matter how much HP , dodge, glancing blow, the boss physical attack will at some point always 1 hit kill me. Everybody told me, do you have 100% crit avoid ? Thats your problem.

Thats kind of unanimous in the comunity that its mandatory… As I said, its very punishing not having it against some bosses. You just cant play.

Im loving almost everything in the game, but this peculiar mechanic is annoying, I think its a step in the wrong direction. Would be much better as people suggested to have a system to take less damage from the enemy critical strike. There you can build around it, even if you dont have 100% it is less punishing and more suitable for a fair and fun play, as its much more flexible.


I must admit that at first the decision to use crit avoid as the more widely available stat seemed to be counter-intuitive to me.
However, I changed my opinion for two reasons:

Firstly: I don’t think it is bad that some stats are mandatory to get.
In POE it is absolutely mandatory to cap your resistances (and arguably suppression).
In LE at the beginning you can get away with slightly undecapped resistances but crit avoid is very important to cap.
This puts a bit of pressure on the gear and builds and gives an easy axis to measure some aspects of gear and character progression.

All characters need 100% crit avoid, however depending on how good their gear is, they can achieve this with 1,2 or 3 suffixes scattered across their gear/blessings.
Gear progression at that point becomes, “if I get enought avoid on this slot, I can use a different belt”, which is (in my subjective opinion) a lot more interesting than “if I get enought crit reduction on this slot, I cap my crit reduction and recieve 4% less damage from crits”.
I don’t think it is a coincidence that wolven flesh, a common drop from the first monolith boss, comes with a very handy 100% crit avoid.
It allows you access to an easy route to reduce gear pressure while you acquire better gear and blessings.

Secondly, it is worth noting that crit reduction is the more powerful affix of the two, because it is beneficial even if not capped.
Given this, it makes sense to me that the more powerful affix is less widely available and restricted to only certain item slots/uniques.

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There’s already that stat in the game, it’s on two-handed melee weapons & yes, it does feel much better than crit avoidance.

Depending on the attack, some boss attacks are just meant to be avoided rather than tanked. Lagon’s sweeping eye beam is a good example, with the exception of one or maybe two specific builds that can tank it, you’re supposed to avoid it (& it’s ridiculously easy to manage, but still).

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I think the ease of capping Crit Avoid (unless your build requires a blessing from Reign of Dragons) is problematic. Getting the empowered blessing means you can be crit immune with the cost of only 1 affix (or Helm implicit).

Maybe having a critical strike monolith debuff (making the player easier to be crit, and reducing crit avoidance stat), which I think one class has via passive tree, could be an option to counter the power of crit avoid. And would make reduced crit dmg even more attractive.

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Please don’t

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Heh, I knew that would garner that kind of reaction. I’m not a huge fan of Crit Immunity, as it is presently in the game. Seems too OP, and required, IMHO, and basically just let’s you completely ignore an entire set of monolith debuffs.

I’m not saying I don’t use it myself, but it just seems poorly implemented at the moment.

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this exactly, its not a good side of the game (although it has so many great sides) I think its poorly implemented too. Its not the first time someone is bringing this subject, and as much as I am a new player other experienced players have the same opinion.

I know we have reduced critical damage for 2H weapons, but its very specific, I think it should be the main mechanic for working around defense agaisnt critical, and be available for all classes and more itens.

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I agree with OP.

Avoidance is a weird stat. I feel that way about evasion too, Evasion is such an unreliable mechanic that it on paper it looks like great EHP even in small values, but thats just not the practical case.

I think it would just make more sense to make reduction of the bonus damage the path similar to reworking ailments to not have effect and simply have pen, a more universal stat to help clarify mechanics.

Currently I dont think there is any monsters that give players crit vuln, but if crit vuln stays, and monsters someday get it, it would make crit avoidance worthless anyways for the same reason no one runs less then 100%.