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Critical Chance Seems Misleading Or Bugged

Operating System: Windows 10

Detailed description:
Leveling a melee/spell proc hybrid mage (Mana Strike to be specific) and I have gone over 30 levels without so much as seeing a critical hit. I have made this character since patch 0.6 release. Character sheet shows 15% critical chance but I am getting absolutely 0 (Zero) yellow text.

Now that I reached 31 and am starting to run the arena I figured I’d attempt more to see if maybe the yellow text was no longer a thing for critical hits. First I started by de-specializing Mana Strike and started leveling it from scratch; thinking that having the Celestial Precision node may have been bugging it out (I have 150+ mana, and 15% crit chance). And I went to the dummy in the first town to whack away. With about a 100 attacks (Mana Strike + Mana Storm) I still had 0 critical hits (aka yellow numbers) so now i’m thinking the yellow text is no longer a thing. I watched the numbers, swinging slower so that I could tell if any of them were larger and were crit-like. Still no crits. So now I figured I’d check with more crit chance.

So, I grabbed a sword from the vendor and added ‘Added Melee Crit Chance’ up to +3%, and when equipped my critical hit chance goes up to 19% (and I currently DO NOT have Celestial Precision). Within a few hits I saw yellow text, and this continued about every 5 hits (aka. around 19% crit chance).

I still have yet to see a spell crit (aka the Mana Storm, or those I’ve self-cast trying out various options).

I’ve since got my spell/melee crit up to around 17% and am seeing 0 yellow text. Is there some hidden minimum requirement to crit? Having 17% crit for both spells and melee has been completely useless thus far.

Critical strike chance is currently bugged for every skill.

This will be fixed in our next update. Apologies for the inconvenience.

A recent patch included a bugfix for this.

Marking thread as solved.

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