Crit vulnerability. Weak spot and wound maker stack?

Hey dudes,

I’m looking into stacking crit vulnerability.

I can get it thru the marksman tree and in the Detonating arrow tree. I know it stacks but can I apply more than one stack in a single hit?

Anyone try it? I don’t have the play time to test builds like some of you do.



Since CV is a stacking ailment, it should be possible to apply more than one stack per hit. But probably not worth it to put over 100% chance into it, because once you hit 100% crit chance in your char sheet you always crit (unless enemies have crit avoidance) and once enemies have 100% less crit avoidance you can always crit them. With ailments like poison/bleed/ignite you want to stack as much as possible of course to increase your dmg, but crit is capped at some point.
I think most of the Bow Skills like DA or Multishot should have enough attackspeed to reach that point where you always crit, especially in boss or high rare hp mob fights.
I would save the DA crit vulnerability points for some more multiplier dmg nodes, or if you already have a good dmg layout, balance between Weak Spot & Wound Maker to reach 100% to save some passive points in Marksman tree.

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Not sure you understand how CV works. I wouldn’t hit 100% crit chance unless I had minimum 15 stacks on the mob. ( 0% CA does not guarantee a crit) If I can refresh the stacks within 4 secs, I can maintain that 100%. If CV stacks, I can maintain, if not then ur right, it’s a waste of points.

Two 100% CV passives gives me 10% additional chance to crit the mob with each hit if they stack.
Seems nice if I can stack enough AS onto DA. Marksman are squishy so Im looking for as much boss dps as I can. I’m not sure if DOT’s or crit is the way to go.

I know what you mean, and yes it depends of course how much Base Crit Chance you already have and what skill you play. If you are running around with a LongBow it’s definitly more difficult to reach 100% compared to a DreadthornBow in relation to the 4sec ailment uptime per stack. Multishot is usually a faster skill compared to DA, so If you are sitting on low base crit you might be right to go maybe even above 100% crit vulnerability.

Yes, or 150% Crit vulnerability causes enemies to have a guaranteed +5% chance to be critically hit and another 50% chance to cause another +5% chance (=10%) (I hope i am correct with this)

Currently Crit outperforms DoT (Ailment builds). Hail of Arrows is the exception which is a DoT build but not a pure ailment build.

Don’t forget that any % increased crit chance you have, which the Rogue has in abundance, reduces the number of stacks you need to hit 100% crit chance. Also, any effects that hit, such as Detonating Arrow’s lightning tendrils node, will apply stacks. If you have 200% increased crit chance, then you only need ~7 stacks to hit crit cap, which would be less then 3 “casts” of flurry, for example.

I was toying with adding crit to get to the cap faster but it seems that stacking raw damage is providing better burst dps. When the double CV adds up I’m no longer doing burst dps, it’s sustained and boy is it beautiful against bosses.

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