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Crit Swarmblade Druid Shard of the Shattered Lance Set Build Guide Patch 8.4, Finally Cracked The Code

YouTube Build Guide + Gameplay : Swarmblade Druid Crit Lance Set, Last Epoch Build Guide Patch 8.4, Finally got Swarmblade to Work - YouTube

Build Summary :

So I stand corrected. You guys can laugh at me now. People were like dr3ad you are being overdramatic, try it again. Well to be honest, Swarmblade is bad, mainly due to the fact that there is only 2 ways to build it now I believe. And those ways are very very specific. This is one of them. We utilize Shard of the Shattered Lance’s Set, which was buffed this patch because they were going to be severely underpowered vs legendaries if left untouched.

One of these buffs was to the Lance set. It want from a set bonus for both pieces from 6% increased health regen to 15% increased melee cold damage per 10 flat regen. That is much more fitting in my opinion. So it uses the value thats on your sheat, if you have 500 hp regen, it will take that to calculate your damage. This means as we invest into HP regen, it means we also gain a large amount of damage. This carries all of our increased damage, meaning we can focus on more important things like crit and attack speed. We end up dual wielding 2 shards, as the bonuses they give are too strong to to use both. We can do this thanks to the hefty amount of critical strike support inside Swarmblade, Serpent Strike and Druid’s mastery tree.

When you look at the planner, you are probably going to be confused. Why aren’t I taking Hideskin? Isn’t it one of the best nodes in Druid? Yes it is. But its been placed in such a poor spot its hard to justify it anymore, especially since we invest 30+ points in the other masteries. But instead we grab Impervious instead. So impervious is a buff gained on melee hit, that gives 4% reduced damage taken per stack. It goes up to 5 stacks, and when you get hit you lose 1 stack. This is insanely powerful DR for bosses. And when combined with our staggering 500 HP regen and our low base amount of HP, i.e. 2k, it means impervious makes us feel just that. Impervious.

Another neat thing this build has is the access to the Deicide buff. If you are familar with Path of Exile, then this kind of thing will be very familar. The Lance set gives us this buff on kill of rare or boss enemy for 15 seconds. It gives us 20% more damage and 20% more movement speed, which are multiplicitave with other modifiers. Usually after killing a rare I can reach insane speeds of 120-130% movement speed. Normally this kind of thing would not be good. But Last Epoch is special, and every monolith is always inhabited with hundreds of marsh beetles, ice golems and Diamond Matrons, meaning we pretty much have this buff up all the time while running through monoliths, which is very exciting.

Thankfully, I managed to pull a 180 on my failure of making a druid build, and ended up with something much better than I ever thought Swarmblade could ever achive and more.

No Leveling guide again, I havent leveled a fresh druid this patch!

Build Planner :

Druid, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.4) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Loot Filter :

CritSwarmblade -

Thanks guys, this has been Dr3ad from Epoch Builds, off to make more builds!

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I too decided to make this build as soon as I saw the Shattered Lance change. im about lvl 80 at the moment and feeling pretty strong. It’s a shame that the Swarmblade otherwise isn’t the fast melee build it was supposed to be, imo it needs better AOE or forward movement on its Armblade Slash also Dive needs to reset on kill or something like that)
anyway here is my current take on the Shattered Lance build

I went the full cold conversion route so you can utilize more sources of flat added damage which then get ramped ridiculously by the set bonus.
Maelstrom gives perma frenzy/haste if you can maintain the rage cost of diveing.
2 Crows usually maintain another ~20 added flat damage and shred armor (but I need to fix their survivability which is lacking)
im trying out ice thorns instead of tornado. (thorn barrier buff, and dont have to take any shaman nodes) but I’m struggling a bit with damage on beefy mono bosses.

I wonder if the set bonus is an oversight because it seems very strong.
my planner is pushing 1000-1500 health regen with a shield (make sure you check the ‘is transformed’ condition for anyone having a look) that’s 1500-2250% increased cold melee damage.

Also the Locust Swarm DoT is tagged as Melee and Cold (if you’ve taken the conversion node) so gets full benefit from the Lance set which makes for a very chunky area DoT around you.
being a DoT it obviously doesn’t benefit from crit so an Elemental DoT build might be worth trying next with Poison converted to Frostbite

So there is a bug with blinding poison inside SS tree. Its not working so until they fix it you need to run a Rare Ice Sceptre with Blind chance %, until they fix it. <3 or you can use the void aura chest with blind % on it. hopefully this gets fixed eventually

What is the blind for? Is there a more damage v blinded mobs node I’ve forgotten about?

Serpent Strike hits deal (up to 75%) more damage to blinded enemies
thats a shame… gonna have to take the armor shred nodes instead

Or wait till they fix it, damage is rarely an issue.

you can always run a weapon with blind chance % on hit for now, and then swap back to double shard later.

I have a question about the Shattered Lance set. I have had access to that area forever and beaten the boss like 5 times now trying to get that sword and every last time I get the relic. Is there some reason I am not getting the sword? I have tried as a Druid and as a Spellblade. Both times wiping the floor with the boss.

No, it’s just RNG. It has a 50% chance to drop though now.

Want to know something hilarious. Yesterday, around 5pm, my youngest daughter, who had been warned that my ONLY vehicle was only partially fixed and needed to be driven so that the pending check engine codes (those codes that haven’t quite been in the system long enough to cause the check engine light to come on yet (they have to ping the system a certain number of times before the light will come on for them specifically)) and that she would see problems eventually, came home madder than a wet sitting hen as they say at me that she had issues with the truck and demanded it be fixed immediately. Anyhow, it was just before dark. I ran the codes, which were now finally showing after she had driven it two hours throughout the day to work to and from (8 codes,… dang). Since it was dark there was little I could do other than the few things I did so I played a bit afterward and for the first time ever the shard sword dropped with in my opinion high stats. with the current alt command set up not showing ranges (which I do not find to be a good thing) I can’t tell the good ranges from the bad without looking it up on the internet which may have old data. Hey, at least I have one though right lol. I also got the chance to switch “bonuses” (my previous one wasn’t great) so I switched to 29% bonus to find amulets. I already had 12% chance to find uniques so maybe I’ll find an Omnis some day lol.

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Well, if you come round mine next November you can give my car a once over & then LE’ll drop you a perfectly rolled Omnis? :wink: & both pull their data from the game files so they’re up to date.

Now that’s good to know lol

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Cool, I’ll book you in for next November, flights & accommodation are on you…

Thank you for this build, I’ve been playing it since builds started rolling out for the druid rework. I really enjoy playing it. I have 2 questions for you:
1 - you’re experimenting a lot with the druid class, could you maybe create a tier list of your builds? Maybe this build is just the first thing you got to work but by now you might have already several better versions. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of all developments amongst builds. Maybe you can share how you’d rank this build amongst a bleed, cold locus and hybrid with wearbear version.

2 - why do none of your swarmblade builds use Culling Point? What are your thoughts on this feat? It’s really helpful and strong versus bosses and especially this build feels like it doesn’t excel at bossing but maybe you value defensive points more.

Have you tried just holding SHIFT and ALT as you hover over the item to show the ranges in-game? :slight_smile:

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