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Crit Flame Reave Spellblade Build Guide - Big Chunky Hits!

Here is the video guide!

You build up stacks of Firebrand and “Blade Weaver” to spend them on Flame Reave. This one will crit for massive dmg covering the whole screen.

The Build is based around 2 uniques/set items.

The first one being “Sunwreath”. This one is used to make Flame Reave a circle that expands around us. You could also take the skill node “Worldfire” in the Flame Reave tree, but it would cost too many points and would increase its mana cost by unsustainable amounts.

The 2nd one being “The Last Bear’s Lament”. This one is used to decrease the manacost of our firebrand after we pick up the skillnode “Conflagrate” to 9 points which lets us benefit from the passive node “Blade Weaver”. The other option to decrease the manacost is “Halvar’s Stand”, but they are generally not worth it for us because of “Stromtide” boots or just better boots with more stats and movementspeed.

Here is the Planner for the character: Planner

As for gear, you would want to pick up a good balance between crit multi, increased lightning dmg, attack speed and flat melee lightning dmg. You want around 100 % attack speed for the build to feel good and you also want around 50 % - 100 % mana regeneration to sustain without any problems. The “Mana Reaver” node is essential to make sustaining our mana without Manastrike.

Here is a loot filter for the build:
Flame Weave Spellblade lighning.xml (42.4 KB)

The yellow-coloured drops are for lvling and shards containing all item bases. The blue drops are suffix based and the red ones are prefix based. You can adjust the strictness very easily yourself and you can disable and enable specific item drops based on what you need.

I hope you liked the build, and I would really appreciate all the support you can give me on YouTube! I usually make guides, impressions, discussions, and reviews for ARPGs and MMORPGs with some random fun thrown in. Thank you and have fun!! :3

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I suspect due to the high amount of increased damage you have that using +Flame Reave & then putting the extra 2 points in Arcane Severance (taking that node from 8% more to 24% more) might be more useful than the up to 86% increased melee elemental damage. The more more damage would be ~14.8% incremental damage compared to the melee elemental damage prefix which is ~9.4% incremental damage (all other things being equal).

how much mana efficiency on that item we need? 10%+?

Any value will get it to below 10, the game rounds for display purposes but uses the actual value in any calculations.

Is this build viable for Emp. lvl 100 monolith reliable runs ?

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