Crit chance for skeleton affix


There is an affix in the game that says:

Critical strike chance for skeletons
Critical strike chance for skeleton mages

But it only has a value of about 3% on tier 3. On the other hand there is an affix that says minion critical strike chance but that goes above 50%.

So is there any reason to pick the first over the other? Because to me it seems like a waste of affix slots.

This adds to the base critical strike chance for your skeletons and skeletal mages. By default they have 5% chance to critically strike monsters. This affix will add 3% to that base so they will have 8% chance instead.

This is increased critical strike chance, which increases the base value. So if your skeletons have 5% base it would multiply the base by 1.5 so they will have 7.5% critical strike chance. If they have 8% it will increase to 12% etc. Hope it makes sense.

TLDR; When it says Added Critical Strike Chance, it adds to the base. When it says Increased Critical Strike Chance, it multiplies the base.

Ok, that makes sense, thx for the fast reply.

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