Crimson Gluttony and Lich?

Does the Crimson Gluttony node work for the drain of life from reaper form? The node says “and effects that drain a percentage of your life drain less health”. I assumed it didn’t work because reaper form is a health decay not a drain, but the node inside reaper form Mistress of Decay says “While in reaper form your health decays less slowly, and you deal increased damage over time”, but the node itself says: Health Drain -10% not health decay. So this leads me to believe that one of these nodes has the wrong wording.

No, that’s health decay not drain.

I thought so, just find it weird that the node that makes the “health decay” lower in the tooltip is called “heal drain”.

But it’s not health Decay. There are three different things, doing similar things but they have different names.

Here is an old post about this where I explained it in detail:

I agree that the wording in Mistress of Decay is unfortunate.

Rule of Thumbb The full text description of a skill oder Tooltip is most of the time more accurate.

And the few bullet points listing the positives and negatives in “list” are sometimes misleading. This is something EHG constantly improves.

Lich is confusing. And needlessly at that knowing lich is already obscure in comparison to warlock and necro. I aint touching it again, until they make it more user friendly, as for me it suffers from the Forge Guard Manifest armor syndrome.

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So, it’s capable of doing phenomenally massive damage if you build it right?

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Anything can do damage if built right. I was refering to it being needlessly more complicated then it needs to be because the stats it uses are mostly unique to it alone. Druid suffers from this problem also. No reason for a class like warlock to push 1 button with 3 affixes and kill while other specs need a flow chart to figure them out.

Aka, the devs need to change things so that casuals could figure it out. People should not need to look up a guide on how to use a basic kit.

Like void Smite?

Accessibility and clarity are good, but do we need to dumb things down so they can be written in crayon?


There is a difference between something being simple, and complex, and simple and needless complex. A lot of how lich scales could be replaced with other affixes and it would still work the same, without making players confused. Current lich options to consider:

  • necrotic, area, malee, transform, movement, intellect, dex. That is a lot of options, and balancing them for a lot of people, is annoying. Replacing these tags with just [area] [dex] [spell damage] would alone make this skill easier to approach for most people.

Lich is a perfect example, of over engineering a skill, for the sake of making it complicated. Same as manifest armor.

Agree. Please leave it as is for those who enjoy “complexity” :wink: