Creating new characters. Which server?

I’ve currently been playing Offline Cycle Mode but what’s the difference between Cycle Mode and Legacy?

Cycle = Season? If so, then at the Cycle end date, whenever that is, will all of my characters move to Legacy? If so, what happens to Stash Tabs and inventory items? If I now create characters on Legacy will all of the Stash Tabs and inventories combine upon their merge or do Cycle items get deleted?

I’m planning on making a new character, as my main characters (95) weapon disappeared and I don’t have a replacement, so a good time to roll an alt and see if one drops as I level. :slight_smile: This got me thinking about the questions above and where I should really start building my foundations for Last Epoch. I could roll a different class on Cycle, or another Melee Poison Warlock on Legacy. I’m just unsure where would be best for my overall accounts growth.

Thanks for any info gleaned. :hugs:

Currently, cycles have no extra content other than leaderboards. So playing on cycle or legacy doesn’t make much difference in terms of content.

There is still no confirmation about what happens at cycle end, though Mike has said before that they were thinking about a system where the gold spent on stash tabs in cycle buys you stash tabs on legacy at the end of the cycle, if you spent enough for a new one. So if in legacy your next stash tab would cost 200k and you spent a total of 210k on stash tabs in the cycle, it would automatically give you one extra stash tab at cycle end.
Likewise, it’s most likely that all your cycle stash tabs will be moved to legacy as remove-only tabs, like other ARPGs do.

However, nothing has been really confirmed yet.

It should also be noted, however, that drops from alts are only transferable to other characters in the same mode, meaning cycle characters can only give stuff to your other cycle characters. Same for legacy or offline.
Unless, of course, you’re playing Character-self found, in which case you can’t transfer anything.

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Ok, thanks you for such insightful information! :hugs:

So, just a thought and to make sure I’ve got this right. I could end up loosing a lot of gear if I can’t make space on Legacy Mode? The Stash Tabs get more expensive the more you get so, I would invariably loose the more expensive Stash Tabs due to the incremental nature. This makes me think that I’d need to create an overflow bucket (on Legacy) in order to accept the ALL of Cycle items. Does that sound right?

No, you don’t lose items. Let’s imagine you have 10 stash tabs on legacy (filled with stuff or empty doesn’t matter) and you have another 10 tabs on cycle. When the cycle ends, your legacy stash would have the same 10 tabs it had before (possibly more if they implement the system Mike talked about) and you would also have the 10 cycle tabs with whichever items you had. The difference would be that those cycle tabs would be remove-only, meaning you couldn’t put anything in there and you could only take stuff out to place in your other tabs.
Some games (like PoE) let you keep however many remove-only tabs you have for however long you want. Others (like D2R) will clear older remove-only tabs.

Again, nothing is yet really confirmed for LE, but there is a very good chance that you’ll get the remove-only tabs. However long they might last or other specifics are still unknown. We’ll have to wait for word from the devs as to what will happen.

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Ok, that’s sounds great. I’m rather new to playing ARPGs regularly, though I started with D2 about 2years ago. :joy:
It’s nice that there is a clear vision of what can be achieved to be more fluid in character transfers. I may just create my Offline Mode characters on Legacy then, as there seems little point to Cycle at the moment. I’ve only a lvl 95, 86, 56 and a few 20s but after losing my mains weapon last night and I’m on 147 corruption, it makes me wonder what to do without a replacement. I guess I should start a new Legacy Chr and not collect every bit of loot on the floor this time around! :joy: at least it’ll be easier to buy Stash Tabs now they are cheaper too. Nurgle Knight number 2 coming up. :partying_face:

Did you check your forge…? Sometimes it gets left in there by accident.

Yes I did. I regularly use that for the extra 8 slots of bag space. :joy:
Wasn’t there either. Doh!

Going to create a new character on Legacy I think. Hard to progress at 147 corruption without a weapon. Also, it was fun to level my Nurgle Knight, so I may do a few things differently this time. Maybe do it as Lich instead of Warlock. Not sure yet.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

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