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Crashing when entering a new zone (Thetima) in Chapter 8

Hi EHG team!
I had an unfortunate bug that replicated itself twice before I decided to record it and see what would happen. Of course on the third attempt while I was recording my gameplay the bug didn’t occur… But because it was game breaking and I know my friend has had a similar issue that’s prevented him from playing earlier in the campaign, I figured a bug report would still be helpful.

On my VK, when entering the Thetima zone for the first time, I crashed twice. The third time incidentally I just raced through the earlier zone without killing any mobs, but I’m not sure that’s relevant. As soon as I entered Thetima on both initial crashes I essentially crashed without taking a single step. This is my third character I’ve brought this far and I haven’t had any similar bugs such as this with the other two, where one specific zone consistently crashed my game. Attempting to wait for the game to resolve itself (using windows) also wasn’t successful during the two initial crashes.

Relevant info: (19.3 KB)
Player-prev.log (36.4 KB)