Crashed while alt-tabbed during loading screen in Arena

I was trying out my new build in the arena and while alt-tabbing during the loading screen the game crashed.

The arena run is credited on the ladder.


Alt-Tabbing does sometimes cause this issue… I have seen the game freeze or crash when this happens a few times… To the point where I now only alt-tab (or change focus to my second monitor) when my char is in town and the game is not doing anything…

Its not that frequent a problem because I run on lower settings (for stability) but it has happened enough to make me be careful.

Loading into a new map is a particularly notorious moment for crashes (especially if you are running higher in-game settings) and alt-tabbing at the same time tends to just make it even more unstable.

Not sure if its specific to graphics driver interactions, LE or Unity (the game platform that LE is developed on) but I have had similar things happen with Alt-tabbing in other games too.

Its so intermittent (at least for me) that I am not sure how the devs would be able to replicate it so that they can trace the problem or if the game logfiles even have anything that could point to the problem…

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