Crashed during MP session. Couldn't log back in until Reinstalling Client

Was playing MP with a friend for hours last night. Reach level 44ish and crashed to desktop. Seemed like my client sent a crash report.

When I tried last night to log back in, I can get to Character Selection, My character eventually loads in Character Selection but with no items. When I click “Enter Game” it just sits on the loading screen with the Loading Tip. Spinner in lower right never stops spinning.

Decided to wait until morning to try again thinking it would resolve. After about 10h, tried again and still same issue.

Can’t log into other characters either. So not tied to the char that crashed during MP session.

After a while tried uninstalling and reinstalling client and it fixed my issue.

Happened again.

Seems Validating Game files in Steam fixes this. It finds one file it re-acquires. Not sure which.

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