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Crash on launching the game, second time I got it

Player.log (5.9 KB)

Crashed on opening, didn’t even load the login menu, jus the last epoch logo. Went to take a bath still frozen, checked task manager, the crash didn’t even allow me to click on the game’s task in order to end it, had to open another desktop and drag the manager to it, there I could end the task. I had this crash once before, had to do the same thing. Didn’t think much of it, till I got it again, decided to report in case it helps fixing it somehow. The task manager showed a second task under last epoch called unity crash log or something.

PC Specs: 2060 SUPERF, Ryzen 5 3600, 16GB Ram DDR4, Sata SSD 480 GB, Asus Prime 450m Gaming BR. Graphics settings were at high if I’m not mistaken.

PS: I did manage to open the game without crashing a few times before and in between the two crashes so it’s not a consistent crash. I had nothing opened in the background at the time, running most recent windows 11 and up to date drivers.

Hey there…

The log is showing that the game is not even getting to the game initialisation stage - its hanging and barely generated any debug messages so its virtually impossible to say for sure what the issue could be - it may be something like a corrupted install or a combination of multiple issues…

Its also hard to say if there is anything else happening on your machine that could be involved here because you havent provided anything like a dxdiag with diagnostics so I’ll offer the following default suggestions:

  1. While the game and steam are not running - delete the le_graphicsmanager.ini file - this will force the game to reset to default in-game settings - and it should run on your hardware at this level and its very possible that settings you changed could be causing the instability issues. Remember LE is in beta & unoptimised so expecting it to perform like other games would on your hardware is not advised right now.

  2. After removing the settings file, launch steam and run the Verify Game Files option on the LE install - this should hopefully make sure that the install is correct.

  3. Disable Steam Overlays for LE.

  4. Dont run any other applications while testing LE - there are plenty of examples of other apps affecting the Unity game engine that LE uses so its best to temporarily not run/start/use anything to try and see if something else is part of the issue. Doesnt matter how irrelevant, just dont run it so that you can see if its affecting the game.

  5. One last thing before trying to run LE - double check that any device drivers and associated apps are up to date - e.g. make sure that apps like iCUE, Razer software etc are all updated. This includes things like sound devices etc… This is VERY IMPORTANT on Windows 11 - make sure you are using the Win11 version of drivers/apps like this.

  6. Obviously Windows itself is updated and there are no failed or outstanding patches waiting approval.

Try the game…

If its still not working then post the new player.log file (they cycle so its important to make a copy immediatley) and please also add the output of a dxdiag report.

After I reported it, I opened the game again and it didn’t crash, played for 2 hours and left home. Came back, reopened it and yet again, it didn’t crash. I don’t know how rare it can be to get the crash, I only got it twice so far after installing windows 11(most recent version from windows update). I have my graphics drivers up to date with gforce experience and windows update downloaded all the drivers it could find to update like audio and others. How do I get a dxdiag file to send here? I’m thinking of verifying my files or just reinstall the game to see if it goes away(but again, I wont know until I either get it or don’t for a long time), maybe it is a corrupted file idk. I have 6 years of experience amateurly programming in unity making my own projects so I know a bit of how fickle it can be with crashes. I don’t know how to check for any other drivers I could update or how I would find them, maybe on my motherboard’s website idk. I had nothing opened in the background besides the usual windows crap like defender, one drive and gforce experience and steam.

You sound like you are jumping around with ideas on things to do and are not approaching this in a systematic way. I recommend you do the steps I suggested above before anything else…

Things like verifying the game files are the very first steps to do - these are not optional - there is very little point in troubleshooting anything else if you dont first confirm that the install is ok… Each item is important to “tick off” the list independantly else it may be the cause of a problem but because it wasnt ticked off there is no way to know.

The main concern with your issue is that its intermittent & that the game is Hanging - its not crashing in the traditional sense - when it crashes, there are logs in the game where it realises something went wrong and Unity generates error.logs and Windows will also record a crash event in Event Viewer /View Reliability History.

Hanging leaves no “starting point” for troubleshooting - there is nothing to work from so its hard to guess at what could be going on.

It may have been that after a fresh reboot, the game is fine… It may be that there was some other error with another app on your machine and Windows was unable to recover perfectly from it and launching LE without a restart caused a secondary problem… It may be that a physical component in your machine is failing in some way, and LE is stressing it (this is entirely possible because of LEs current lack of optimisation)… It may be that something is overheating… It could be an intermittent memory issue… the list of possibilities is practically endless without something to start with. It may be that LE itself is struggling based on a setting you are using - I can make my LE crash just by using Ultra quality and changing a few special features - sometimes things like this can happen when the game loads up the first time…

Dxdiag is the DirectX Diagnostic Tool - it is a very good tool to use on Windows to summarise your system, drivers, hardware and it checks if directx components are ok and has a diagnostic section showing the last few errors windows has reported. You simply run “dxdiag” in Windows and it will launch… Not sure if they moved anything on Win11 as I dont use it, but dxdiag normally has a Save All information button - you can then just attach the text file here.

Driver updates etc are harder to do if you are not used to doing this… Generally tho, if you are sure that the Optional updates from Windows Update that are relevant are installed then things should be good as a first step… The other place to get updates is as you thought - the motherboard website - Its generally a good idea to just visit the download page and see when last they have released drivers/patches/bios updates… If its newer than when you installed your machine last, then they are probably worth downloading and installing. Specific devices like special keyboards, mouse, headsets etc just go to the manufacturers website and try wherever possible NOT to use Win10 apps on Win11… find the Win11 approved / supported version of anything.

Driver updates are basically a shot in the dark in this instance but are generally good practise regarding keeping your system in good maintenance.

Geforce Experience - personally I dont like this as it does automatic things without telling you so one moment you could be fine, then it updates the driver and applies an “optimisation” change to settings for a particular game and things stop working or have issues where there were none before… Make 100% sure that Experinece is not trying to do anything at a driver level - keep the default nvidia driver config for LE.

Ok, I’ll do as u said and if I still get the crash after trying all of them I’ll report back. It might take a while tho given the random nature of the problem. Sorry for my hesitation on following on ur instructions, this is the first time I report a game bug as I’ve always ignored them, given it’s crash and I could send the log(as I did), in case it could help fix it (maybe it affects more people than I, in that case I’d be happy on helping find the cause of the problem). In any case thank you for taking ur time and responding to my post, part of why I never report bugs/crashes is due to my experience with never getting a response in the poe forums, this game’s forums seems much more responsive tho. Sorry for my english I’m not a native…

No problem…

Just remember, this is a Beta so bugs and crashes are expected - its part of playing early access games…

It is good to post problems so that the devs can see if there is something they need to fix or understand how the game performs on different players setups…

Good luck…