Crash on entering Lightless Arbor from Shrouded Ridge

Crashed 2 times trying to get in. Verified integrity of game files which replaced 1 file. Crashed a 3rd time, but it started loading. Lowered graphics to very low and tried again. It struggled for a second before finally loading in letting me in.

This is not the actual dungeon, but the entrance area with the teleport pad.

Please can you attach your player.log from immediately after the crashes… It could have something to help figure out what is happening… Logs overwrite so it has to be from the session where a problem happened to be worth anything.

The fact that lowering the graphics allowed you to get further could also indicate a performance related issue - remember LE is generally unoptimised so it can struggle when the settings are too high for the game state on your particular hardware…

Another possibility where lowering graphics helped is related to the GPU drivers AND/OR anything else that you may have running at the same time taking system resources or causing potential conflicts… I recommend you make sure that your GPU drivers are recent (a few months old max) and that you temporarily dont run anything else while testing LE to see if this improves stability.

Also,… On the note of verifying game files - if you are experiencing a lot of crashes, I would recommend that you keep verifying the game files - just on the off chance that a crash messed up something too… obviously if things are stable, then there is less need to do this…

Unfortunately I don’t think I have the log anymore. Current one is empty. I’ll be sure to make a copy right away if it crashes again. Especially if its the same location.

If it helps at all, my GPU is a 1070 ti and should be relatively up to date, though the most recent is from a few days ago so i’ll update just in case. Graphics are set to high.

So far experience has been pretty stable, this has been my only crash point so far.

A log would be good so try and remember to copy it if you crash again.

You dont mention your resolution or other settings so its hard to be sure, but a 1070 ti should be ok on High @ 1080p even with the games lack of optimisation… if you are running a higher resolution then I would recommend dropping to Medium (imho, there isnt that much difference in eye candy between Med/High but a fairly good improvement in performance).

GPU driver - I always try and keep the drivers no older than 1 version behind… brand new drivers on older hardware (like my 1060) are not always great so I like to lag behind just a little so that someone else can be the “Guinea pig” but I can still benefit from newer drivers…

I run it at 1440p with an uncapped framerate (monitor is 2560 x 1440 144hz). I think I will lower it down to medium as you suggest.

By the end of the week though I should get my 3070 ti so I can boost my graphics back up then. Finally getting some decent prices on gpus again.

Before changing the quality, cap the framerate at something that keeps your GPU at less than 70% usage while doing nothing in town… This could make a big difference to your stability… obviously also going to Medium will help, but LE does very odd things if you leave it uncapped on a monitor with a hz that basically means its uncapped anyway… Key is to keep your GPU from maxing out for too long - makes a huge difference to stability.

3070 ti… grrr… flexes like that are not allowed by order of the most high demigod of the forums… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but yes, even with the games issues, you should be able to handle 1440p at a decent framerate and quality on a 3070 ti…

Player.log (86.8 KB)
Here is my player.log right after my crash. it was my second attempt at entering. First time playing this patch, I made a new character and game froze the first attempt at entering lightless arbor I was level 14 I waited a long time till I had enough and closed application. Restarted got to level 15 and tried again and crashed again. Then I found this post without opening the game again.

hint: always better to post your own thread in the bug/technical section as your issue may not be caused by the same thing(s) as the OP

Your logfile is peppered with very odd errors that I must admit that I had not seen before… and I dont think you are having the same issues as the OP… There are things like networking certificate errors which seem to be causing timeouts when the game tries to contact LE services and subsequent problems…

Have you attempted to verify the Game Files in Steam to make sure that your Installation is ok?

Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t want to spam a new thread with the exact same or quite similar title, I will make new threads for reports for going forward.
I haven’t played the game in a while but I had the game on priority update setting. I did not verify integrity of game files. Seeing your comment suggesting sending player.log immidiately after crash, I did just that. I have been oddly getting some cloud sync problems with many of my steam games as of late. I hadn’t recieved any such errors until quite recently. Perhaps those errors are tied to that.
I have now verified integrity of game files. 1 file could not be verified and was redownloaded. I tried to enter again first it got stuck like it did the other two times but after about 20 seconds it went to a loading screen and eventually loaded the area.
I guess I shouldn’t have assumed it was the same problem as OP as his wasn’t fixed with validating game files. I assumed I should send logs immidiately after crash. Sorry if I wasted your time. Thank you for the help

No problem… The game verification with steam installs seems to resolve a wide range of issues so its the first thing to try… Steam sometimes doesnt update correctly and I dont use any auto-updating settings specifically because of this and I manually verify any game after an update - just to be sure… Must admit that it happens more often with LE than I have noticed with other games but at least its seems to be a simple fix…

20 seconds delay… its a little long but that all depends on various things like your machine loading thing up, if you login to the game chat etc… I have had a similar thing myself where I tried waiting a little while and the game “fixed” whatever brain fart it was having… hasnt happened in a long time tho… In game settings also play a part here because the game is generally unoptimised …

player.log immediately after crash… yip…

Hope this fixed the issue…

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