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Crash lost progress, so I quit

LE on Ubuntu via Steam froze up in Majelka Waystation so I forced it to quit. All progress since the last clean exit was lost.

I was enjoying the game but don’t feel like re-doing everything. Maybe I’ll try again after beta.

Sorry to hear that the community has lost you - hopefully that’s just temporary.

For anyone else experiencing this - we’re working on a fix internally, but until then you should be able to workaround the issue by setting graphics to the Very Low option.

I didn’t intend to come back until I got this note from you. Nice to talk to you again!

Can you link me to a bug tracker for this issue? Once it is fixed then I’ll jump back in :slight_smile:

@Sarno @tainium Linux user here. I can confirm that setting all graphics options to Very Low and deselecting everything in the advanced graphics section will stop the crashes and lost progress. I was also very frustrated and ready to give up for a while until I figured this out and now I can’t stop playing. :smiley:

Give it a shot!

As a side note we’ve also made this zone optional while we work on this issue, so it won’t be a problem for future runs.

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