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Crash after clicking on Launch (everytime) since 0.7B

I don’t know, but since the new patch my game cannot get further than after clicking on Launch in the main menu.
What follows is the screen with the lines that the beta does not represent the polish of the final product and so on.
Then it freezes, sometimes with an unity error window, sometimes not, but everytime it closes itself and maybe discord too.

I am playing through steam and wanted to ask, if there are any starting options i can put in, or any solutions for that available, since i literally cannot play the game since the new patch, wich is sad considering I just bought it yesterday and was checking this morning if it launches, where I could get to the character selection.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry to hear about this! If you post your log file we can look into this more.

You can try lowering your quality settings in the ini file to see if that avoids the issue in the meantime.

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