Crafting weapon Bug (not sure but seems unintended)

I turned level 46 and went to upgrade my weapon via crafting. Added some mana to it and now I can’t use the weapon anymore. It became a level 48 weapon so I’m out a wand for a little while. Usually doesn’t let me craft if it will make the weapon higher level then I can use.

If not a bug and working as intended then just ignore this post. Anyways I’m off to bare knuckle enemies until I reach level 48.

Use any other weapon you have stored or maybe a unique one instead of your fists!

Technically I didnt use my fists, as all my skills are magic based. But it was fine with no weapon for 2 levels, just took a bit longer to kill boss like mobs. Trash packs all still got 1 shot with Rip Blood via Transplant.

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Fists don’t have to be “physical” dear Mage. You get what I am talking about. Anything as a weapon is better than nothing :grinning:

Hey… this level issue does happen occassionally - especially with critical success crafts (extra random tier) & when crafting purple items. Not sure how they are gonna fix it but I figure they know about it.

Best thing to do with crafting is to always ensure you have a backup item - applies to anything not just weapons.

Base damage is usually only found on weapons so as Newtonapple says, you really should equip anything to gain the base damage - else you are gonna hit like marshmellows…

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