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Crafting - UI Error

An empty crafting panel continues to display a ‘phantom’ item; when an item is inserted into the crafting box, it displays the affix information of the phantom item rather than the real item with the phantom item still visible. (See image.)

Upon shattering, the real item is destroyed and shards distributed appropriately.

Cause entirely unknown, possibly related to shift-rclicking to move items or leaving an item in the panel while doing monoliths.


Same thing(sort of) happens to me: I insert an unique item, i think i right-click or something and the item it’s always here now!
Everything seems to work just fine(the crafting i mean), except i can’t take back the item!

Edit: i try to exit the game and now the item is gone! I’m a bit sad because it was a unique useful for my character (necro) ahah

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