Crafting Support Items and Shatter

I have picked up several runes of shattering and crafting support items. These were all sent to the crafting stash but none of them show up in the crafting tab. Can anyone explain how I find and use the support items and how I shatter an item. The in game-tutorial explains how this works but not how to do it.

hi i missed them too but after some time i found it : )

The green circle is the shatter rune

Thank you!

Personally I think it feeks very convoluted that crafting has two independent stashes and requires two windows plus a pop-up window to fully navigate. The way ALL crafting materials vanish when stashed makes a new player assume they all go to the same inventory not seperate ones.

I think it would help if the modification and support items respective inventories opened through a pop-up selection after clicking on the empty square in the crafting menu. I feel this would be intuitive to most users.

It was a mess earlyer. Everything was cluttering your inventory and chest and I think every player who was there at the time is pretty happy about the mats tab. It takes some time to get used to it yes but it’s already far better then before.

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