Crafting Panel Pickup Bug (Lost Items/Incorrect Slots)

Here I am trying to craft myself a mediocre ring to get my primalist pet build going. I fracture the item, and when I try to equip it the item is permanently stuck at my cursor. Can’t drop it on the ground, can’t equip it, put it in inventory or stash or even back in the crafting panel.

So that item is gone forever from what I can tell, but the even worse part (at least, from a developer perspective) is that I can now equip any item I want into my rings slots by simply picking it up with the cursor and dropping it in the ring slot. The game thinks I’m holding the ring still so it just lets me put any old thing in there.

Operating System: Windows 10

DxDiag.txt (82.5 KB)
Graphics.INI (599 Bytes)
output_log.txt (372.3 KB)

Just lost a relic to this. Was able to swap which item was stuck on cursor, but not able to unstuck. Happened while transferring a fractured item from crafting bench.

Thanks for the report, I’ve rolled this into some other reported crafting issues.

I can also state this is happening on my system as well it has now happened twice when a item is fractured and i try to remove it from the bench it just get stuck. you cant destroy a fractured item also. and once you click on it its stuck on your cursor

I had a bugged unique item, which also did stick to cursor. Sold it to vendor in the end.
But I remember sorting my inventory helped. The item dropped on the ground after I clicked the sort button. After that I was able to use it normally until I put it to gear slot again. Maybe it works with bugged crafted items as well.

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