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Crafting Materials Tab stuck halfway

This happens here and there, mostly fixes itself upon relog, but its annoying when it happens cause you can’t access the crafting materials anymore while this persists.

It looks like the menu is 20% open, clicking on the button doesn’t do anything.

Thanks for the report! Next time it happens can you post your game log? If you determine any factors related to it happening that would be helpful as well.

File too big right now to even upload it to pastebin or similar sites without pro status…(7mb), so here a zippyshare .
I will do it later again with a shorter session, should be smaller then (if you do not click on links, which I could understand.)

Generally the bug fixes itself upon relog or switching of the character. I can’t really reconstruct it, it just “happens” here and there if you use the menu too much I guess.

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