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Crafting materials panel won't close/open

Crafting materials panel won’t be able to close/open anymore, if the player close the inventory when the panel is closing/opening. It’s seems the animation is interrupted thus the button is disabled.

Reproduce Procedure:

  1. Lanch into game.
  2. Open inventory.
  3. Press “Crafting Materials” panel, and at the same time,
  4. Close inventory. (by pressing “i”)
  5. Open inventory again, you will see the button has two arrows now, and will not work until you leave the game.


Win10 Home

Another Issue I’ve met - when the crafting panel(with shards and item slot - default key F) is open, I can’t close craft materials slide bar, opening is possible. Perhaps it’s related to the resolution of my monitor (1680x1050). No matter Linux/Windows.

Yep, there’s all sorts of forms it has too, either it won’t open, or it gets stuck half way, or it stays open. I’ve had all 3 different occurrences, and I have to restart the game to fix it.(or leave game, and re-enter game).

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