Crafting - Initial T1 Roll Numbers

It’s a clarity issue. It’s hard to remember what roll range what particular type of item can have, so for clarity, it would be good if it showed you what is the initial T1 roll that any particular item can have for a particular affix type.

If in that screen it showed what range the T1 could have, it would be a lot easier to understand which items are best for which type of affix.

Different affixes are not differently strong on different slots.

Only some slots have affix multiplicators (Weapons/Off-Hand, Body Armour and Amulet), but these are global for every affix that can roll on that item slot.

But I agree that an In-Game information about the roll ranges would be usefull. This kind of informations is definitely not easy to display, without overloading the tooltip though, so i guess it should be some kind of advanced tooltip or maybe there should be a “Affix Encyclopedia” the Game Guide?

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It would certainly be good having some way of referencing roll ranges in certain items. As for example, T4 inc ele damage in a ring is 25% to 33%, while T3 inc lightning damage is 22% to 30%. Knowing in advance the range certainly helps in constructing your build. Either of those suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

For your specific example as a rule of thumb is also: mroe genric categories usually have lower numeric values (like in this example elemental damage vs. ONE SPECIFIC element)

So those two affixes on the same tier, lightning damage will have a higher numeric value.

It would be nice if the shards gave the affix ranges for body/amulet/1h/2h/everything else as well as having that data in the game guide (though that would require it to pull the data direct from the game files rather than be manually typed in by the devs).

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