Crafting/Augmenting improvements

I would like to throw in my two cents about the current augment system with the armor and weapons. There are some small improvements that can be made and also some more major ones that I can hope the developers can consider to make the experience more rewarding.

Firstly the fact that I cannot hold alt to be able to read what the affix would do in the forge menu is just plain silly. I’d also like an ability to maybe favourite shards so that they always appear up top for each particular armor piece so I don’t have to scroll though a wall of text to find the ones I want. Also, I honestly do not get why anyone would use solely cold, fire, or lightning protection when elemental protection shards are so easy to come by. I have yet to play anything with elemental based magic but I can assume the same would be for the damage.

Now for the big changes, of which I have a few suggestions. First is the fracture chance. I know that the percentages given are accurate to the actual fracturing chance and this is a big issue with my squishy human brain. Human brain finds actual percentages unfair, frustrating and not fun. Many games show a worse percentage than what is actually used so the humans playing the game can feel like they are lucky. Also humans suck at calculated risk taking so this sort of helps mitigate that. If you have already implemented this than I have the absolute worse luck in the world which brings me onto my second and most important suggestion.

Please let me spend gold to increase my success rate. Let me tell you, it is not fun to finally find a piece of armor with excellent base stats, so you go around and farm for alll the best shards and, the more important, guardian and stability glyphs. I then carefully begin forging my armor, starting with stability glyphs and then moving to guardian glyphs BUT then it fractures 2-3 shards in, wasting my glyphs, the armor, the shards, turning it into garbage.
Currently gold in game has nigh no real good use, other than to buy shatter runes. My suggestion?? Add a blacksmith that sells rare shards, glyphs, runes, and can offer to forge shards onto your armor for a 100% guaranteed success rate but for a high cost. This way, if you are impatient and poor, you can still risk the chance to fracture your armor, but if you are patient and grind a butt-load of gold, you can get some really nice armor. I.e. it rewards the player for playing the game.

Honestly I’d love to actually unlock recipes for armor, craft it from gathered materials (from little gatherable nodes in areas), and have the stuff you spent ages crafting be able to hold more affixes and have a lower chance of fracturing but for what you have so far, I’d just be happy with the chance to have all of my grinding not be wasted in a single unlucky roll of the fracturing die.


Those are fair enough & decent ideas.

The fire/cold/lightning affix shards give bigger numbers than the elemental protection shards (eg, the t1 gives ~44% more protection to the specific element). Different classes get different protections from passives & skills, or maybe they got an otherwise very good item dropped with a single-element suffix & you need to balance things out with a different single-element suffix.

Personally I think that’s a bad idea. Every aRPG with the hunt for loot/item grind has RNG in there somewhere to slow down the rate at which the player gets to their desired loot. In LE, the places we “interact” with the RNG is for the desired base to drop, with a decently rolled implicit, with 2-3 of the desired affixes that are decent tiers. But the upside of LE’s crafting is that we get to choose what affixes we want in a far more player-friendly way than, say, PoE where it’s entirely random (notwithstanding that you can use certain crafting mats to narrow the odds a bit for specific types of affix). I absolutely hate crafting in PoE because it feels so soul-destroying to just spam chaos/essences/fossils to try & get the affixes you want & because I don’t play enough I don’t get enough currency to do the crafting myself (or much in the way of trading).

So yes, I agree, it’s not fun for an item to brick , but it also (IMO) really sucks to not be able to choose the specific affixes I want on an item. But there has to be a line somewhere, otherwise you get to the point where you’re just pressing a button &the game gives you the gear you want & then you’re bored a lot quicker…

There’s also a thread going over all of this (which you’ve probably not read since you’re new).

And gambling for the decent bases, you can spend an obscene amount on that. Plus the devs have said that the current use of gold isn’t where they want it to be, so there will/should be more uses for gold “soon”.

Yeah, that could be interesting.


I like to see the actual fracture chance. I don’t find it unfair or frustrating and I use the percentage to calculate risk.

But I am a robot, so…

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You can spend a lot of gold gambling bases and rare affixes. The stash tabs will also get increasingly more expensive.

From my experience with PoE, unlocking recipes is a bad idea. From the old master system to the current unveil system, nobody likes to unlock crafting recipes every single league/season/cycle.

You can just type it on the search bar…

You can do the same with windows folder & the internet/websites, but that doesn’t mean that favourites isn’t a nice idea.

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Didn’t actually know this, the mod explanations in game don’t convey it the best, saying things like “10 points give 10 armor against that type”. That could be my own issues understanding the explanations though.

I had actually read the first bit of this thread. I would like to point out I am not asking for pay to win, rather pay to increase odds. A lot of people mention gambling. I have seen the equipment I prefer offered by the gambler maybe twice. Both times I had plenty of those pieces of equipment in stash… I have never really needed to worry about shards nor do I see the point in gambling for them when I can run through and area and get a bajillion pieces of equipment.

I am level 59 and have 45k gold thats just slowly accumulating as I grind the same levels over and over and over to try to find glyphs and the one piece of equipment I want with decent stats. After all that, having done all of that work, using the in game items get the best odds, the piece fractures 3 shards in. Randomness in games is great, don’t get me wrong, but the randomness should be able to be worked over with effort and time. I am talking a lot of time, but time nonetheless. The gambler is the best option for this at the moment BUT, as I said, I have very rarely seen equipement offered that I would use.

I do not want the fracturing to go away. I want to be able to have more control over the fracturing chance.

I would pay 10-50k gold in game per shard affixed. I do not see that as game breaking and would only be available for those in late game or those that seriously grind the living heck out of the early game stages.

I am more talking about unlocking recipes for items that already drop. It would be an optional component that could be entirely bypassed if you would rather simply roll the dice with item drops.

As for gambling and stash tabs. The gambler rarely even offers equipment I would bother using for my build and the stash tabs are relatively cheap. I have no idea why you’d go beyond a certain number since making different armor sets for different builds on your character is a bit weird when you cannot respec skills without a heavy penalty. There is also a point where hoarding armor to shatter gets ridiculous unless it has a reaaaallly rare affix, but those I usually shatter nigh immediately.

I am currently on my first play through. Level 59 with 45k gold and climbing, trying to get a brass aegis for the fifth time since my last 4 times shattered 3-5 shards in (with stability and guardian glyphs mind you). Gold feels useless to me since I have no where to spend it, and even the gambler has nothing for me.

Well, provided you have enough gold the gambler is currently the fastest way to get gear improvements (which I do find disheartening on some level). Also, I learned something new about the gambler recently; it will not sell items with up to Tier 4 affixes until you are level 61+ (or 71+ as @LizardIRL couldn’t completely recall which was the correct level in his interview with Rimed), and doesn’t sell items with up to Tier 5 affixes until you are level 81+.

The Stash tabs do eventually get somewhat expensive…at least for those without millions already in the bank. :sweat_smile:

You can refresh the gambler’s inventory for 500(?) gold & that builds up quickly…

I have a character for every available mastery all at about level 70. I am ALWAYS running out of gold. I’ll be like, “I seriously need to upgrade these gauntlets.” Run about a dozen MoF. Not finding anything I really like. Head to the gambler. Drop 50000. Probably half that in refreshes because they base I’m looking for is higher level and they seem to show up a LOT less frequently. Decide I’m wasting gold refreshing just for one piece so I say, “screw it, I’ll look for a new amulet as well” another 50000 gold later. I got a ‘decent’ gloves, amulet was a waste. Crap, outta gold again. ARENA!!! LOL


It would be awesome to be able to buy a 100% Guarantee Success token for gold, similar to those Shatter tokens This would be very beneficial to apply to the super hard/rare shards such as Ward Per Second.

And it would massively reduce the time taken to get to your desired gear set (which is a bad thing).

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I disagree. Mechanics could be in place to limit how many and when you can buy these 100% Guarantee Tokens. There is going to be a tipping point where the search for gear becomes a chore which will lead to f*ck it I quit.

Being single use per item is the only way I can see it working without being completely broken and even then it would still just reduce the time needed to create a perfect piece of gear.
Otherwise if it wasn’t limited to once per item maybe if you had to permanently delete 25 level 100 characters per Token or something equally insane to help prevent easily creating perfect items.

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