Craft Optimization

When we go crafting something, we open our inventory, select the item, place it on the craft table, open the crafting items tab, select one and place it on the crafting table. If we wanted to craft another item, we must return to inventory and repeat this entire process. To use Rune of Shattering on multiple items we have to alternate the tabs over and over. In my opinion “Crafting Items tab” is not necessary. You can do something like this: (Image link) -


WHY is everyone advertising to cramp the runes into window where you can see the chances of your craft? This is important :D. On the other hand the crafting tab was on the left side of the invetory and was expendable to the left. I think they changed the layout of it because there are more glyphs and runes in the future and the space wasn’t enough.

As I said in the feedback section the actual way how it works is shit. I realy can’t sugarcoat it sorry. If you need space then expand the crafting tab to the top because you don’t need to see your inventory screen to craft.

I think someone wasn’t on Santa’s nice list this year :wink: !
Maybe an Eggnog would help?!?

You talk about the guy in black leather with the scythe and the bag with “Nasty kids head” written on it?

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