Covenant of Dominion needs to be nerfed

Running Monoliths of Fate on my paladin and I have little trouble taking damage from enemies until I get to a covenant of dominion. It’s always a guaranteed death even with 42% reduced fire damage, 36% damage reduction from vengeance, and 10% from titan heart. My health barely moves until I reach a covenant of dominion then it’s game over.


Agreed, I haven’t found a way to avoid getting ignited and despite heavy defenses my health disappears quickly its pretty much a for sure death on monos 15+.

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I have a Shaman with anywhere from 60-76% fire resistance (totem buffs) and fire mobs kill me more than any other mob in the game, which means either the fire resist is not working properly or the damage numbers are higher than any other. One way or another this needs to be looked at IMO.


How much hp do you have? Having 60-70% fire protection on 600 hp is quite different to 60-70% on 1,000 hp. Not to say that they couldn’t do with a bit of a nerf.

level 68 and 463 HP currently

If you’re lucky to find a Soulfire relic it helps…

for me 2388 hp 32% fire resist (1129 points in fire resist) and I melt.

Bumping this thread.

Currently running a necro, lvl 86, 800 hp, each prot over 2700, 71% dodge, oc 100% GB and CA.
I have had zero issues with any other mob. But encountering CotD in a high monolith has killed me every single time so far. I’m trying to play well and avoid the attacks as best as i can. I also try to avoid damage mods on the zones, but sometimes you have no choice. As far as i can tell a single ignite from this mob is strong enough to kill my character.

Yeah, it’s killed me a few times, mainly with the random starbust ignite patches.


One small mercy … I’ve never seen one in Arena! (yet).

They cannot spawn in Arena so you shall never meet them there.

yes, they are the worst! anddd we are back about saying DoT are a bit overtune

I just ran level 68 Monolith farming and was about 10-11 echoes in and had a map (on my werebear with 700+ HP and 60% fire resist) with 7-8 of the CoD mobs. I hadn’t gotten to one of the spires to kill before one of them finally melted me. Now…one or 2 on a map i can understand but seeing more than one of these or more than 2-3 of the fire golems is ridiculous. These mobs might be best limited to one per map in MoF. I have died once to lighting on my runs so far but fire (which i have same resist % as Lightning) has killed me about half dozen times at least. Something is tuned up in their damage output calculations or something.

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