Covenant of Dominion Ambushes Feel Bugged

I’m currently running low empowered monos (100/150 corruption) a lot. And my build has no issues unless i run into an Ambush with these Covenant of Dominion Bosses.

When those show up I get oneshot even tough I have full res, decent armor and reductions for that stage my 1,5K hp and 4,5K Ward.
But it’s not only the amount of damage, it is that there is no indicator visible to me, that an attack is incoming. They spray those flame lines, i move to avoid those and then get hit (and stunned / or oneshot) out of nothing.

Maybe It’s just me, but maybe other’s have the same issue and we might have a bug here to reveal.

More than the Covenant of Dominion I get quite heavily destroyed by fire.
With or without max resistances.

Not sure if now that they fixed Fire Penetration and is actually working maybe we are seeing the “real” damage of this guys and the Ospreys raining fire from the sky… or the big guys that spread flames everywhere…

Anyhow, fire seems to burn quite hot…

Yeah, fire and poison are obliterating stuff. Not sure what happened. Those Covenants on Ambushes hurtttt, big time.

Something about DoTs have really started to get more and more potent from enemies.

The thing they do that gets me is that shield throw attack, it hits my VK w/ max res and 2200 health for 80% of his health in one direction, and half the time they’ve thrown it before they even render so I get clipped regardless of where I’m standing.

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The covenants have always been nasty boyos… but the Ambush versions seriously have a bone to pick with us players.

I like the challenge, but I would agree, its a sweaty fight at high corruption. The other ambush options that spawn are pathetic by comparison.

We’re adjusting Ambushes in general, but especially the Dominion ones are getting looked at.


I didn’t wanna open a new thread about this, but one thing that needsadjusting as well:

Voidfused Armours in Void Timeline Ambushes need to engage after spawning. They stay puddles on teh ground until you approach them, which doesn’t make sense in an ambush.

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