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Couple thoughts on transitions

Only played for a few hours, but figured this is the place for feedback! Coming from PoE background, had a couple thoughts. I know been brought up upteen times, and maybe there’s an option I haven’t found, but

  1. Make time portal/wormhole animation optional. If it’s a loading thing, I’d rather stare at a static page after the first “whoa that’s cool” moment

  2. Make entering different areas require a click instead of automatically entering when running near zone hitbox

If there are options in settings that cover these, my apologies, and show me the way!

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Hey there… Welcome to the forum…

Yes, you are right, every time there is a new batch of players, these exact suggestions pop up in feedback. No news from the devs on either option, but they do know about them… The portal one is likely a setting kind of solution but the movement one is likely to be a little trickier cause there are valid benefits from both the current way it works (e.g. running away) and something more like your suggestion.

Just have to wait and see what the devs do…