Couple suggestions for QoL

-map overlay options
Outline colors, objective colors

-chat box minimize option
So we can get it out of the way

-top right map is expand button
To make the map in the top right a bit larger

-item locking
So you can’t destroy something you’re wearing on accident (amongst other accidents that occur)

-corruption level shown inside of echos
Not just visible at the selection map but inside the echo themselves

-movement button on any action bar slot
Some people are left handed or just want another button to be for movement instead of right hand pointer finger

-colorblind mode

-blessings saving and being able to choose from previously unlocked blessings
Instead of refarming for hours to get something back or change we should have the option to select what we’ve encountered previously

-add some sort of mechanic so we can reslam uniques and overwrite them
Be it difficult or time consuming, that’s fine. But bricking something with extremely low drop rates makes people want to quit. If they could do something difficult and try again it wouldn’t be so bad.