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Couple Sorcerer Bugs

as shown in these first two screen shots Torch Of The Pontifex doesn’t increase fire damage over time as much as it says it should it says it increases fire damage over time 130% without it my ignite damage is 105. one would figure if the increase was right my damage would be in the 240 range however it is only 157 almost exactly a 50% increase less than half what is stated in tool tip.

The next few pictures show a few bugs with black hole skill tree / needs the skills being reworded to show they don’t work together. First off scatter and binary star don’t work together I am not sure if they are intended to not work together or not but if they are intended to not work together there should be something in the descriptions saying so. Not only do they not work together they also when used together create several other bugs. The black hole will no longer spawn on cursor it spawns directly under you as shown in my picture however the screen shot didn’t capture my cursor position so I drew a circle where my cursor was. Also the black hole duration seems drastically shorter it went from 4-5 second duration to about 2-3.

The black hole skill tree bug brings up another point I think skill trees should be able to have individual points be reallocated obviously at a price like it is for the class tree (heck you could even use the same NPC for both skill and class tree point re-assignment) but as is with this bug my options are keep playing with the buggy black hole or completely re-specialize the skill and start over from level one with it which is annoying. The issue of not being able to revert points in the skill tree doesn’t just pertain to bugs like this either if you accidentally miss click a node you don’t want you are stuck with it or you have to start back at 1.

Multiple sources of Increased Damage are additive, not multiplicative.

The base damage for Ignite is 40, so an increase of 130% would be an increase of 52.

Looking at your screenshots;

  • Without Torch of the Pontifex equipped you have 105 Ignite Damage.
  • When Torch of the Pontifex equipped this rises to 157 Ignite Damage.
  • Your Ignite Damage has increased by (157 - 105 = ) 52 damage.

Torch of the Pontifex is working correctly.

I’ll speak with the team regarding your feedback on Black Hole’s tree. We’ll be looking at it soon as we’ve some changes planned for the skill. Thanks for the input!

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