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Couldn't find a bleed warpath sentinel loot filter, so I made one


I created my own loot filter for bleed warpath sentinels.
You can find and copy the filter from the pastebin below.


If you have any feedback, please let me know, it’s the first time I created a loot filter, so it might be a bit rough.

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i just looked at your filter, out of curiosity.

First thing that i immediately saw, you do redundant rules for “Show” and “Recolor”
A “Recolor” Rule does act as a “Show” rule, you do not need to create 2 rules, in fact the ruel that is below, would not even.

Also then some of the “Show” Rules, do include more affixes, than the recolor rule. I do not know if thats intentional. Some some items would not get recolored and only be shown by the “Show” Rule.

I suspect your loot filter might come from an older version of the game? That would explain some of the weird affix combinations.

Also the hide rule at the very bottom (which includes 539 affixes), does hide every affix, except the new + to skill affixes and minion melee damage. Not sure if that is related to my assumption about this being from an older version of the game.

If you simply want to hide all items, which i suspect you wanted to achieve you cna simply create a “Hide” rule with no condition, this will “Hide All Items”

You also show unique items ath the top, but not set items, nor exalted, not sure if that is intentional

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Thanks for taking a look, I appreciate the feedback!

This is from an older version of the game, so yeah it’s possible that there are affix combo’s that I need to fix the affixes.

Ah, I didn’t know that the show function also instantly showed, that would’ve saved me a lot of time!
I honestly forgot to add the set or exalted items to the filter, thanks for mentioning it.
I’m gonna update the filter now and edit this thread as soon as I done so.

I also thought that having multiple colors would be good to diffentiate the affixes that are good for the item/build vs the affix that you really need, specifically, for the build.

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Edited the Pastebin with the feedback from Heavy :slight_smile:
Please let me know if I’m missing anything or if it can be updated better, I’ll keep editing it over time when I think of things and with new updates.